Spitfire Forced To Land on Belly After Landing Gear Fails (With Video)

This is the nail-biting moment when a pilot was forced to carry out an emergency landing of his 80% replica Spitfire – without the use of his landing gear.

The aircraft was flying at Sibson Airfield when the pilot radioed the airfield to say he couldn’t release his landing gear. Skydivers jumping at the airfield in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, were grounded as the pilot circled for more than 20 minutes to burn fuel as much fuel as possible. Emergency services arrived at the scene just as the fighter plane was carefully flown towards the ground in strong winds by the pilot.

He managed to land the replica Spitfire without his landing gear – skillfully skimming the aircraft over the grass on its belly. Relieved onlookers said the propeller fell off when it came to a safe stop, and the relieved pilot was completely unharmed.

Video 1: