Yes! Panzer Mk VI Tiger For Sale; €380,000!

Do you want to buy a Tiger? Or a replica, anyway. Here’s your chance! These gentlemen have made a replica and are selling it for “meager” sum of 380k Euros.

The tank has a working turret that is rotated electronically, the gun fires pyrotec charges, and the gun moves when fired, the tank comes with a 240 horsepower Diesel engine, but a stronger engine can be fitted on request.

The first one was built in a shed for the movie “White Tiger” but by the looks of it, they have done an amazing job. Have a look at the images below and at the end you can see a video of it in action.

It takes just 9 months to be completed so if you are quick you can drive around in it before the year is out!

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_41During construction

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_42The team who built the tank

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_43The final touches before the paint job


handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_45Hard to tell it’s a replica


This tank looks scary!


handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_49Bow machine gun

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_50Loaded up and ready to go!

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_57Wow that looks amazing!

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_58The level of detail is astonishing

handcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_59Commander cupola and turret hatch


Gun mantlehandcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_62Close up of the turret hatchhandcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_67All ready for the next adventurehandcrafted_tiger_i_tank_replica_640_69

Want to see how they build it? Click here for more pictures!

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