Flying the Me 262 – Amazing Footage Of The Only Flyable Nazi Jet Fighter

There are very few aircraft in the history of aviation as unique and innovative as the Messerschmitt Me 262. This was created out of desperation. It was needed for the War and was considered a masterpiece of technology. It had a massive impact in the world of aviation when it first launched in 1944 in European skies.

The Me-262 was developed and built in Germany by the Nazis and was their first operational jet fighter in World War 2.

The American Me-262 Project was launched in January 2003 in Washington (Everett) and the aim was to try to reproduce a few versions of the Me-262. These attempts utilized one single-seated A-1c, two twin-seated B-1cs and two convertibles (these could switch between A-1c and B-1c depending on the configuration).

All of these have General Electric J85 engines and have had numerous safety features added to them, such as landing gear that has been reinforced and strengthened and upgraded sturdier brakes. These models gained the addition of the ‘c’ to their model names in relation to the new J85 Power plant and are assigned on an informal basis with the Messerschmitt Foundation’s approval. This Foundation is based in Germany, where the original Me-262s were produced.

This footage shows you a variety of scenes of the Me-262 in flight – this is the only one in the world still capable of flight.