Bullet Points: Nimitz-Class Carriers – The World’s Biggest Warships (Watch)

USS Nimitz (CVN-68), a US Navy aircraft carrier. Photo is from after her 1999-2001 refit.
USS Nimitz (CVN-68), a US Navy aircraft carrier. Photo is from after her 1999-2001 refit.

US Nimitz Class – at over 1000 feet, the Nimitz Class aircraft carriers are the world’s biggest warships. Costing around US$4.5 billion each, they are also the most expensive. The 100,000-tonne carriers can hold up to 90 aircraft and are fitted with anti-aircraft guns and missiles.

They are expected to serve for 50 years. However, the US is already developing its successor in the Gerald R. Ford Class, which will be even bigger and is expected to cost around US$12 billion.

Currently, there are ten Nimitz Class aircraft carriers in service with the United States Navy. The lead ship of the class is named after the World War II United States Pacific Fleet commander Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the U.S. Navy’s last fleet admiral.

Instead of the gas turbines or diesel-electric systems which are used for propulsion on most modern warships, the carriers use two nuclear reactors which drive the four propeller shafts and can achieve a maximum speed of over 30 knots.

Because they use nuclear power, these massive ships can operate for over 20 years without refueling!

Want to know more about the Nimitz-Class Carriers? Here’s a couple of quick bullet point facts.

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