Iron Wings – New WWII Game Puts Players In the Cockpits Of Classic Planes

The Second World War saw many new innovations in technology and tactics, with everything from aviator sunglasses to the atom bomb owing their origins directly to this conflict. One new and era-defining feature of the war, however, was the incredible aerial battles. Fighter pilots faced each other in the skies, with some renowned aces claiming hundreds of kills.

These heroic figures and the planes they flew have always captivated the public’s imagination. Films, books and video games have returned to them again and again, and in the case of the latter, a new title looks set to bring this aspect of the Second World War to life once more.

Iron Wings is a new “flying shooter”, designed to give players a thrilling experience in the heat of battle. Described as a classic arcade-style game, it centers around both the planes and the individuals piloting them, creating an entertaining and historically accurate representation of aerial combat.

There are many different elements at work within the game, and players will need to work with a range of features unique to each plane they use. Weaponry and equipment will differ with every one, and a range of different play styles can be adopted, depending on a player’s choices and priorities.

It isn’t just about shooting down enemy planes, of course. True to the reality they are depicting, the game’s designers have also included a range of other missions. For example, reconnaissance flights will be needed to gather information and take photographs of enemy positions. Although combat is important, just shooting won’t be enough – strategy, stealth and accuracy are all essential.

At the heart of the game is the story of two childhood friends – Jack and Amelia – who volunteer to fight against the Nazi menace in Europe. Joining the special Iron Wings squadron from which the title is derived, these two intrepid American heroes will face the enemy at home and abroad. Their missions take them from the skies over New York – rendered in remarkable detail – to Sicily and beyond, as they attempt to find the sinister General Adler and his team of Nazi scientists.

One look at the trailers and screenshots already released will leave gamers and historical enthusiasts alike eager to get their hands on the game. The graphics are excellent, the interface looks accessible and intuitive, and the high-quality voice-acting offers a truly immersive experience.

This isn’t the first game to simulate the battles of Second World War airplanes, of course. World of Warplanes, Birds of Steel, War Thunder and many others have tackled these fascinating machines and the role they played in the conflict. However, Iron Wings promises to put a fresh twist on the subject matter, and with a dedicated team of designers and some remarkable financial backers, it’s certainly been highly anticipated.

Iron Wings is the newest title from Naps Team, a long-established Italian game developer. Founded in 1993 by Fabio Capone and Domenico Barba, their early work included Shadow Fighter, Battle of the Pacific, Bootcamp Academy and many more.

Last year they launched a kick-starter campaign to build up financial support for Iron Wings, and after the success of the fundraiser, the finished game is finally here. Released on the 31st of May, the game can now be bought now on Steam, and is currently selling at a reduced price for this week only.

Continuing a long tradition of games revolving around fighter planes and Second World War aces, Iron Wings looks set to be an outstanding addition to this genre of gaming. Offering players an incredible simulation of real aerial combat from the largest war in history, this game is sure to be a success.

Whether you’re interested in this aspect of military history in particular or are just looking for an exciting new game, Iron Wings might just be what you’re looking for.

Check out this short clip of the gameplay:

And here is the Trailer: 

Malcolm Higgins

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