The European Theater Of World War Two – Day-By-Day (Watch)

German Soldiers in a burning village in Norway, 1940. <a href=>Photo Credit</a>
German Soldiers in a burning village in Norway, 1940. Photo Credit

The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945, spanning a period of 2194 days. The majority of nations in the world were involved throughout the course of the conflict, which began with the German invasion of Poland and ended with more than 50 million deaths.

Although the deadliest war in human history ended 70 years ago, its influence can still be felt today in, in Europe and beyond. The conflict irreversibly changed the political and national layout of much of the globe and largely defined the history of the 20th Century. It prompted the creation of the United Nations, set in motion the Cold War and gave birth to the Nuclear age in which we now today.

In such a convoluted and long-lasting war, it is often hard to follow the different events and their relation to each other. The conflict took place across numerous countries and continents, with borders and alliances changing as time went on.

In this video, viewers can watch as the map of Europe shifts and develops throughout the war, day by day. Each faction is colour-coded, making it even easier to follow the progress of the war in front of you.

Although this particular video only covers the European theater of the war, the YouTube channel behind it have posted numerous others like it. They explore everything from modern conflicts and the World Wars to month-by-month breakdowns of Alexander the Great’s conquests.

Many of these are presented in the same way, with colour-coded maps and additional context or background information on the period they cover. This video and the others on the channel are well worth viewing if you’re looking for an excellent insight into warfare, politics and more.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE