Battlefield I Weapons Are Accurate in Every Detail

The makers of Battlefield I have put a lot of work into this new game that gives players the virtual experience of handling World War One weapons. Each weapon was meticulously researched. Game makers used the actual weapons so they could render the feel, sound, and look accurately.

Everything about this game is designed to be precise. Players use weapons that were experimental at the time in the very situations those weapons were designed for. The game is more than just a thrill-a-minute rampage. It puts players in the seat of action with realistic tools of war for an experience that informs as well as entertains.


The weapons range from gadgets to melee weapons to rapid fire machine guns, all with the advantages and drawbacks of the real thing. Players handle trench clubs inspired by medieval handheld tools of destruction as well as the most advanced weaponry of the time, including the Maxim MG08 Machinegun.

The makers have developed the game to give it a modern feel. While it does not shy away from the horror of the Great War, neither does it drown the player in circumventing routes around the exact body count. It is a mix of detailed weapons, realistic sets, and just enough physical evidence to make the point of the story without giving the player shell shock. Games, after all, are meant to entertain.

Boats rowing up to land at Gallipoli
Boats rowing up to land at Gallipoli

Over 50 weapons – including gas grenades, bayonets, rifles, semi-automatics and more – are included along with a variety of landscapes and locations. Players can engage the enemy in a one-man fight or join up to 64 other players in a large scale battle. The myriad possibilities are as varied as the conditions of the First World War itself.

This teaser shows how much work and dedication went into the creation of Battlefield I – especially regarding the details of the weaponry.

Jinny McCormick

Jinny McCormick is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE