Tell Me Your Secrets: Online Second World War Video Game

Set in the darkest days of WWII, Tell Me Your Secrets is a short video game that puts players in the shoes of Sir Henry Tizard, the man tasked with gaining support for the Allies from the United States.

This remarkable true story is remembered as the Tizard Mission and is explored here through the medium of an interactive graphic novel. Combining traditional comic artwork and a point-and-click system, the player is faced with multiple choices throughout the course of the story. Each choice made can either further your cause or hinder your progress, reminding people of how much turned on the individual decisions of men and women during WWII.

Officially known as the British Technical and Scientific Mission, the Tizard Mission was a delegation working with American officials to resume research. The UK had been carrying out the work before the war but was unable to continue due to a lack of resources.

The group traveled to the United States in 1940, while the Battle of Britain was raging. Through this game, players can experience the tension and intrigue surrounding the delegation’s work.

Click here to play: Tell Me Your Secrets.

Tell Me Your Secrets was written by Joseph Lidster and Michael Orwell and is brought to life through the atmospheric illustrations of Robert Nazeby Herzig. With music, voice-acting and sound effects, the game is both entertaining and educational. It will take approximately twenty minutes to complete, and is best enjoyed with headphones for the full effect.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE