Fast Facts – Tanks: World Of Tanks Presents A Quick History Of A Game-Changing Military Machine (Watch)

Modern Leopard I battle tanks on an exercise in the snow, 1982
Modern Leopard I battle tanks on an exercise in the snow, 1982

From the battlefields of the First World War to military combat around the world today, the tank has become an instantly recognizable symbol of warfare in the modern era.

Tanks were first conceived of and produced by the Allies during the First World War, as a secret weapon against the Germans. Although they were referred to and designed as “land-ships,” the name we know them by now was derived from a codename used to keep the enemy in the dark.

Until they could unleash their new weapon on the front lines, the Allies referred to these war machines as “Water Carriers” and “Tanks,” the latter name sticking to become a long-lasting moniker.

From World War One right up to the present day, the tank has been an evolving and developing staple unit of powerful militaries the world over. There can be no doubt that these often terrifying machines changed the face of warfare forever.

The basic facts of the Tank’s origins are fairly well known, but their subsequent development – throughout the First World War and beyond – is a little more complex. This video, from World of Tanks, explores that evolution in detail, complete with striking visuals, computer graphics and real footage from the battlefield.

World of Tanks is massively multiplayer online game, designed and produced by the company Wargaming. With millions of active players and a dedicated online community, this award-winning and critically acclaimed title has grown increasingly popular since its appearance in 2010. Their YouTube channel hosts a number of informative and exciting videos, and these offer an engaging look at both the game itself and the incredible machines it features.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE