Bosnian Pokémon Go Players Warned to Avoid Minefields

Minefields in Bosnia. Source: Jakub Sochacki/ CC BY-SA 3.0/ Wikimedia Commons

Pokémon Go players in Bosnia have been warned to avoid areas with landmines left over from the war in the 90s.

Posavina bez Mina is a charity that removes mines found in Bosnia. They issued the warning after hearing about players roaming into dangerous areas while playing the game. In the game, players hunt for game monsters in the real world using their smartphones.

Since the war ended in 1995, at least 600 people have been killed by landmines in Bosnia. There are approximately 120,000 mines left undiscovered.

While the popularity of the game continues to grow, the number of incidents and accidents seem to grow too. “We received information that some users of the Pokémon Go app in Bosnia were going to places which are a risk for mines, in search of a pokémon,” Posavina bez Mina said. “Citizens are urged not to do so, to respect demarcation signs of dangerous mine fields and not to go into unknown areas,” it added.

Earlier in the week, two teens were shot at by a homeowner who thought they were burglars.

There have also been positive incidents. Police in a town in the UK say that a theft was reported by Pokémon Go players.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE