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German WW2 Panzer Relics in Bulgaria (Video)

Joris Nieuwint

During World War II when Bulgaria joined the Axis powers in fighting the Soviet Union, they were given some 97 German Panzer IV tanks, about…

Germany remembers – 18th of November 2012 – Volkstrauertag by Rob Schäfer

Today is Volkstrauertag on which germany remembers those who were killed in war.  Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden, Einen bessern findst du nit. Die Trommel schlug zum…


The Wheatcroft Collection feels compelled to make the following statement following our reading of comments on certain forums/blogs. It is clear many of them are…

Book Review: The Way It Was by L. Langford Hodges

Phil Hodges

L. Langford Hodges captures the imagination of World War II history buffs, military strategists, and patriotic citizens as he relates the realities of war, the…

Fascinating Abandoned Military Bases From All Around The World

Joris Nieuwint

Military bases and installations, built to last only a few years or to support a 1000-year Reich have been left abandoned across the globe. Some…

Pippingford Park 36 Hour tactical Event

Joris Nieuwint

This private tactical event was organised by Pete Skillman with help from Manny Trainor and Marc Almond and was set in the wonderful East sussex…

Black Devils’ veterans, who served in World War II, die 12 hours apart in Helena, Montana

Joris Nieuwint

Two veterans, who survived in one of the deadliest commando units of World War Two, have died in their nineties with hours of each other.…

Captain Bobby Fachiri

Joris Nieuwint

Captain Bobby Fachiri, who has died aged 92, won an MC serving with T-Force, an elite Army formation, in the final weeks of the Second…

Falkland Islands Remembered

Joris Nieuwint

Today marks the 30th anniversary since the start of the Falklands War. Services to remember those who died will be held in the UK and…

Schnellboot S130 The last surviving predator of the seas!

Joris Nieuwint

War History Online was recently given access to Kevin Wheatcroft’s Schnellboot S130 restoration. The complete article can be accessed below by everybody and is a…

How to – Camera Boxes


As we are always adding and refining details within our dioramas – Dale Davidson guides us through a ‘how to’ on camera boxes.

The 1st Division specialised in amphibious operations


On February 6th 1945, CT16 relieved CT13 of the 8th division near the towns of Winden and Kleinhau on the banks of the Roer River