Sherman M4A4 Restoration Part 10: Tracks

The tracks were nos but were a motley selection of bits and pieces. One side was in ten link sections so I just had to fit them together into 83 links. The other side was all seperate parts so was a bit more work. the worst part was cleaning up the wedge bolts and nuts, 166 of each. I did them in sets of 20 just to keep my sanity.

Fitting tracks is not too hard if you have some mechanical help. I laid the tracks out and pulled the tank onto them. Then, using my forklift, brought the other end over the top rollers and hooked it onto the sprocket. End connectors on, wedge bolts in and adjust the track.

Nothing left to do but give it a try!

This was October 2003 and it all went well. I just had to adjust the clutch and lower the idle speed afterwards.

Part 11 – now for the interior