New Documentary Claims The Nazis Developed An Atomic Bomb To Be Carried By A Flying Saucer


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Over the years there have been many rumours about whether or not the Nazis had nuclear capabilities that they could put to use in WWII. Now a new documentary is claiming that the Nazis were in the middle of developing what could be called a flying saucer that could deliver an atomic bomb.

The German-made documentary says that tests had already begun, and were being conducted on Soviet prisoners of war based at Thuringia in East Germany.

The documentary has quotes from German scientists who were said to be working on the atomic bomb project, as well as eyewitness accounts and documentation that the Nazis left behind.

‘The Search for Hitler’s Atom Bomb’ has already been shown on the German TV channel ZDF and it stated that both Russian and US authorities have evidence that the Nazis were close to having a finished nuclear bomb.

After the end of World War Two, Nazi scientists and workers were interrogated by Allied intelligence teams, while any documentation related to the project was sent either back to America or to the Soviet Union.

Some historians believe that the Nazis had an all-out push to finish their atomic bomb project in the final year of the war. It was as if the bomb was their last resort to win the war.

new documentaryThe A-Bomb explosion on Nagasaki [Via]

The documentary is centred around a German Waffen SS General, Hans Kammler. Clear links between Kammler and advanced weapon projects seem to appear only in 1942. Early evidence of this is a letter from Oswald Pohl to Heinrich Himmler referring an interdepartmental memorandum on the manufacturing of modern weapons in concentration camps, having Kammler as one of the participants.

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