New pictures from the Fuhrer Bunker during demolition in 1987!

Bunker der Neuen Reichskanzlei

With the kind permission of we can post 2 great pictures of the Fuhrer Bunker in Berlin that have only recently emerged. 

From 1987, shortly before the fall of the wall, the East German authorities decided to build flats on the location of the old Reich Chancellery & Fuhrer Bunker. They also decided to remove the remains of the bunker completely, both above and below ground. This was a massive undertaking, the bunkers were build to withstand the allied air raids and had walls and ceiling several meters thick.

Starting in 1987, Robert Conrad risked his freedom to secretly photograph Adolf Hitler’s decaying bunker in what was then East Berlin. Disguised as a construction worker, he snuck inside some 30 times, and has now finally revealed his work.

Robert Conrad knew things could get uncomfortable. There were the guards, the explosions, the dark tunnels. He could easily stumble across a detonation in progress, run into a policeman or even land himself in jail.

Bunker der Neuen Reichskanzlei

More pictures can be seen on

This is the area in which the pictures are taken, the bunker can be seen in red. (Source: Wikipedia)


A detailed look at the bunker (Source: Wikipedia):


Inside the bunker in 1945 (Source: flickr):


The bunker during demolition in 1947 (Source: Wikipedia):

Berlin, zerstörte Reichskanzlei Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-M1204-319,_Berlin,_Reichskanzlei,_gesprengter_Führerbunker

Berlin, Garten der zerstörte Reichskanzlei


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