War Through The Eyes Of A GI, Never Before Seen Pictures Of WWII

Biagio Castiglione in Nov 1943. He’s 20 years old. He was a Combat Engineer at the Corps level and mostly drove trucks. A regular GI, h always had a camera with him and would take photos of anything that caught his eye.

He had trouble finding film in the combat zones so he’d try to find some in liberated Paris when he drove to get supplies or was a driver for an officer. Some he got developed by the Army, probably at a medical or intel unit but most rolls were just mailed home to be developed when he got back.

These pictures have never before been seen on the internet, they’ve been in photo albums for 70 years, War History Online is proud to publish them for the first time!


Basic Training

It’s 1943 and they are at Camp Swift, Texas going through basic training. This is Biagio with a M1 Carbine. The barracks are behind him.
Biagio holding an M1 Garand. His friend is holding a Thompson Submachine Gun. He foolishly has his finger on the trigger. Luckily, the Army didn’t trust anyone with ammo unless they were at the range or in theater. This photo shows a better view of the training barracks.

England and France

Biagio Castiglione is standing at the far left
Biagio took this pictures after, what was left of, St Lo was liberated.. A bulldozer clears a road through the rubble. Note the church steeple.
Trucks carrying supplies from the beach to the front.
Another cleared road.
Biagio on Kitchen Patrol. The water heaters sit in the garbage cans and the men swished their mess kits in the water to clean them after eating. The markings on the trailer show 9th Army 1115th Combat Engineers.

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