New Book Claims: The Weird Sex Life of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, the famous dictator, aka the evilest man the world has ever seen has intrigued researchers and historians all over the world. The man responsible for World War II and millions of deaths definitely had a fascinating personality. Perhaps one of the most enthralling parts of his life and character as a whole is the sex life of Adolf Hitler.

It seems that no one truly knew the greatest dictator of the 20th century, and he is definitely one of the most interesting figures of our time. One thing is for certain, when it comes to the sex life of Adolf Hitler, it was definitely not ordinary, but then again, Hitler was never an ordinary individual to begin with, in the first place.

A new book,The Peculiar Sex Life of Adolf Hitlerhas been released in early 2016 that sheds some light on the controversial and peculiar sex life of Hitler in detail. Hitler had a fixation with his mother during his early years, and then had an extremely long homosexual phase, and by the end of his life, he had turned into a heterosexual, albeit reluctantly.

No matter what is said and written about Hitler, there is very little doubt about the fact that Hitler had very perverse and deeply weird sexual fetishes.

Let’s take a look on the weird sex life of Adolf Hitler, shall we?

The Childhood Years of Hitler

During his infant years, Hitler used to be a punching bag for his father Alois, while he had no shortage of affection from his mother, who used to be his protector in chief from his the belt and whip his father wielded.

Hitler went on record saying that his best memories from his childhood were the nights where he slept in the big bed with his mother, whenever his father had to go away for work. He was extremely fond of his mother and talked at great length about his affection for her, but he hardly ever mentioned anything related to his father.

Homosexual Phase

Hitler and Mussolini (Bundesarchiv)

During the majority of teenage years and in his twenties, Hitler was a homosexual and had a wide-ranging string of men whose company he regularly enjoyed. Those companions included names such as Rudolf Hausler, Reinhold Hanisch, and August Kubizek. Almost nothing has been written about the early teenage years of Hitler and his homosexual tendencies during the time since most of the work written about him is regarding WW1 and his love for his soldiers on the battlefield.

However, he was involved in sexual relations with his Ernst Schmidt, his dispatch runner, from the beginning of the war, and their affair lasted for over six years. However, they didn’t date exclusively, and Hitler used to have many sexual escapades with his senior officers. US intelligence claims to have found evidence that Hitler was never promoted from his position during WW1, primarily because of his sexual orientation, and had also been arrested in 1919 in Munich for theft and pederasty.

Hitler’s sexual orientation has been confirmed by Otto Strasser, who was a former Nazi, and claimed that Hitler always had homosexual chauffeurs and bodyguards. He even had two bodyguards Christian Weber, and Ulrich Graf, specially assigned for satisfying his sexual urges whenever he needed them.

Hitler: The Gay Nazi Leader

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Hitler was thrown in jail for committing treason in 1924, and there he got romantically involved with Rudolf Hess, nicknamed as ‘Black Emma’ and ‘Fraulein Anna’ by the Nazis. They continued their relationship, until Hess, who used to get hysterics started to become an embarrassment to Hitler.

By the 1930’s the Nazi Party had so many homosexual activities that it was called as “The Brotherhood of Poofs” by an anti-Nazi newspaper. The party was also subjected to ridicule by the media until Hitler decided to change the public perception about the Nazi Party.

He held a Nazi “book burning ceremony” where he burnt all the previous records regarding his sexual perversions. He even openly resorted towards imprisoning and murdering Nazi Storm Troopers and their leader who had been openly gay. While all of this was happening, Hitler had been having an affair with his chauffeur and the two enjoyed many romantic moments in Berlin and Munich.

Their affair lasted till his chauffeur died, and upon learning of his death, Hitler was inconsolable for days. His chauffeur had fulfilled one of the greatest fantasies of Hitler, about a powerful man falling in love with his obedient servant. Hitler even ordered a state funeral to be held for his chauffeur and he even delivered a personal eulogy at the funeral.

Hitler: The Reluctant Heterosexual

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Hitler had also attempted to change his homosexual tendencies and become a heterosexual since he had grown tired and wary of blackmailers who knew about his dark secrets. However, he didn’t enjoy much success with in his relationships with women, and most of his heterosexual relationships weren’t even consummated. To put into perspective, Hitler had sexual contact with eight different women, and all of them later attempted suicide, with six of them succeeding!

Hitler had been attracted to actresses he saw on the silver screen as well as pubescent teenagers, but his first girlfriend, Stephanie Isak, who was a Jew, ironically became his model for the ideal ‘Aryan Woman.’ He had several unsuccessful relationships with numerous women but all of them were left unimpressed with Hitler in the bedroom and some of his extremely weird and perverse fetishes.

One of the women that Hitler had dated revealed that Hitler had extreme sexual tastes, which were downright disgusting, which included things such as being kicked and beaten while lying on the ground.

Hitler and Eva Braun

The Fuhrer it seems liked it rough, but it used to be too much for the women that he dated, and it is no surprise to learn that the majority of women decided to take their lives after learning about his extremely weird and strange sexual fetishes.

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David Herold

David Herold is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE