10 Most Evil Nazis (Watch)

Images of Goebbels, Himmler and Heydrich: Bundesarchiv CC BY-SA 3.0
Images of Goebbels, Himmler and Heydrich: Bundesarchiv CC BY-SA 3.0

The Holocaust, murdering of millions of civilians and prisoners of war, the attempted annihilation of the Jewish face from Europe the forced eviction of millions of Eastern Europeans – these are just a few examples of the policies that were carried out by Nazi Germany, before and during the Second World War.

With Adolf Hitler setting out the policy as Führer of a”Greater German Reich”, the Nazi Party leader tried to expand the Germany beyond its own borders and create a 1000 year Reich. All Jews and other “undesirables” were to be removed from Europe or murdered.

The names of infamous Nazis such as Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels are well known. However, there are equal, if not more, evil persons out there who committed the worst of crimes but are not as well known.

Have you heard of Friedrich Jeckeln? Jeckeln was called up to serve in the Waffen-SS right after the Second World War had begun,and served in the infamous Totenkopf Division.

His frontline service lasted only until 1941, when Heinrich Himmler transferred him to Eastern Russia to serve as Higher SS and Police Leader. This role meant that Jeckeln assumed direction and control of all SS-Einsatzgruppen mass executions and all the anti-partisan operations in his district.

Jeckeln developed what became known as the “Jeckeln System”, it was his own methods to kill large numbers of people. The cruelty of this system caused even some of his experienced Einsatzgruppen murders to be horrified.

At the massacre in Rumbula, Jeckeln has watched on both days of the as 25,000 people were killed before his eyes. Jeckeln proved to be an effective killer who cared nothing about murdering huge numbers of unarmed and even naked men, women, children and the elderly.

He is just one of those on the list, here are 10 of the evilest Nazis, and be warned, their crimes are extremely shocking…

Joris Nieuwint

Joris Nieuwint is a battlefield guide for the Operation Market Garden area. His primary focus is on the Allied operations from September 17th, 1944 onwards. Having lived in the Market Garden area for 25 years, he has been studying the events for nearly as long. He has a deep understanding of the history and a passion for sharing the stories of the men who are no longer with us.

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