Verdun – Another Lovingly Created WW1 First Person Shooter Game For 2016 (Watch)

With a games market weary from the futuristic warfare of the Call of Duty series – as evidenced by the backlash against the Infinite Warfare announcement earlier this year – first person shooters (FPS) rooted in real historical battles are increasingly in demand.

When considering this, the first game that comes to mind might be the extremely well-received Battlefield 1. Another title that tapped into the community’s desire to revisit historically-based FPS’s, however, is Verdun. It was released last year on Steam, before finding a place on the PlayStation 4 in August 2016.

The game’s creators have meticulously recreated the battles of WW1, primarily the Battle of Verdun from which it derives its name. Everything from the weapons and uniforms to the terrain across which players battle is historically accurate, making the game an intense and immersive experience.

The Battle of Verdun took place in 1916, and was one of the longest engagements of the war. Fought by French and German troops, it began on the 21st of February and came to an end on the 18th of December, lasting almost ten months. The German death toll reached as high as 143,000, with the French suffering 162,440 fatal casualties, making it one of the most horrific battles of the WW1.

With subject matter as grim as this, many game developers might struggle to approach the material with the right touch. However, with careful attention to detail and historical accuracy, the game’s creators have managed to produce a powerful and engaging glimpse into one of Europe’s bloodiest conflicts.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE