WWII Relic Hunting On The Eastern Front – Digging Up History (Watch)

In this video report of a mine detector trip, you will see several interesting relics that have been found, including several weapons, magazines, canteens and other relics. Silent witnesses of the Second World War.

In the vast battlefields on the Eastern front, which was fought across thousands of miles between Berlin and Moscow and beyond many relics still remain. Especially in the remote forests and swamps which were hardly cleared or sometimes even touched after the fighting ended. A big change from the battlefields in the west which of which most have been completely cleaned out.

This video shows us some amazing relics that are still out there, waiting to be rediscovered.


Joris Nieuwint

Joris Nieuwint is a battlefield guide for the Operation Market Garden area. His primary focus is on the Allied operations from September 17th, 1944 onwards. Having lived in the Market Garden area for 25 years, he has been studying the events for nearly as long. He has a deep understanding of the history and a passion for sharing the stories of the men who are no longer with us.

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