Asking What Would Have Happened If The USA Had Won The Vietnam War (Watch)

The Vietnam War is remembered in popular culture as a catastrophic failure by the USA to prevent the creation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Much has been made in historical studies, fiction and film on the outcome of the conflict and its contribution to the escalation of the Cold War.

This video asks “what if history was altered and the USA and South Vietnam triumphed against the North?”

What could the effect have been on Communist China? Would Pol Pot take over Cambodia?

Let us take a look at a whole different outcome of this conflict and how our world could have been different.

As a bonus, the video also takes a look at an alternative history in which John F. Kennedy survived, asking what effect that would that would have had on the Vietnam war.

The What if‘s remain intriguing. The infinite possibilities and how they might have changed the world as we know it today are food for many an evening of discussions with friends.

Here’s what could have happened, according to All About History: