Top 10 Surviving Buildings Built By The Nazis During Their Time In Power (Watch)

Left: Keroman III. Top-Right: View of the Olympic cauldron from the Marathon Gate. Bottom-Right: Kongresshalle in 2009. Bundesarchiv - CC BY-SA 3.0

The Nazi government under Adolf Hitler saw architecture as a means of imposing fear and respect. Hitler, like many Germans, had an admiration of the ancient world, especially Greece and Rome.

In a time when art was changing rapidly, he deemed the avant-garde movement as degenerate.

Together with his chief architect, Albert Speer, Hitler revived a conservative, monolithic architectural style that impressed and scared many at the same time.

Flakturm IV G-Tower in Hamburg.

The Thousand-Year-Reich was to be demonstrated through the aesthetics of these structures, which showed Hitler’s undeniable power within Germany.

Even though many of these buildings never survived the war, some were spared the destruction, to remain as painful reminders of the regime, or to be put to use once again.

In this list, we will concentrate on some of those structures that are still present today.