Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer EA Released For GamesCom Trailer, It Looks Fantastic!

Image source: EA/Dice
Image source: EA/Dice

Big budget FPS (first person shooter) games used to be all about the epic WWII, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty; they all had multiple WWII classics. Then people got bored with Normandy landings and wars in the Pacific and modern and future warfare became the norm. Game developer EA/DICE has announced earlier in the year the plan to not revisit WWII, but to go all the way back to the First World War in their upcoming game.

WWI is not often explored in gaming because many average gamers only have a passing knowledge of the war in general. Most think that any WWI game would be a boring standstill of trench warfare and old bolt-action guns. Basically All Quiet on the Western Front, but in game form with brief excitement and lots of waiting. Most gamers were extremely dismissive of EA/DICE’s possible WWI game until EA/DICE dropped the GamesCom trailer last week.

This type of scene is not so far-fetched in WWI
This type of scene is not so far-fetched in WWI

“With Battlefield 1 we’re looking to deliver the most dynamic shooter ever. We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players, and with the introduction of Operations, we’re giving the fans variety for gameplay and creativity,” said Aleksander Grøndal, Senior Producer, DICE. “Plus, with the new Behemoths, only in Battlefield 1 can you bring an Air Ship to a dogfight.”

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Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st, 2016 worldwide on Xbox One, Origin™ for PC, and PlayStation®4. Players who pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition can begin playing on October 18*.


Watch classic Battlefield gameplay and see how thrilling horse charges, battle tanks, and armored trains are at the dawn of all-out war. It’s war on an epic scale, only in Battlefield 1.

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