WWII Hero Honored At Front Yard Flag Raising Ceremony


Dilts can consider himself quite a lucky guy. Surrounded by a loving companion, three daughters, five grandchildren and six great grandchildren, he enjoyed his celebration last Sunday, on Nov. 10.

Charles Dilts was born in North Plainfield on September 4, 1923, where he also was a member of the West End Chapel.

Following his return from the war, he got married on Aug. 4, 1945, with Eleanor Hoffman of Hillside at the Wilson Memorial Church in Wachung. Together they had three daughters: Hellen, Judith and Sandra; all graduates of Watchung Hills Regional High School. They all lived in the house him and his father built, one of the very first houses every built on his street, and where he still lives today.

After returning from the front, Charles had two more jobs. He used to work as a proprietor of a service station and later on he started working at the Muhlenburg Hospital until he retired.

Her daughter Helen Dilts got married in 1966 with Fred Gunn and they had three children together; she was followed by her sister Judy who married Fred’s brother, Ed and they had two daughters. Finally, Sandy married Curt Forner in 1974, the Echoes Sentinel reports.

Dilts happily watched his family grow while his five grandchildren were born: Fred Gunn Jr, Laura Elderkin, Cheryl Weidner, Kathy May, and Lisa Johnston, and six great grandchildren, Kasie Weidner, Earl Weidner, Caleb Elderkin, Emily Weidner, Charles Weidner and Fred Gunn III.

The whole family was there on Sunday, all celebrating their hero during the surprise party.

His grandson in law, Earl Wwidner opened up about the war hero saying: “Until recent years, Charlie never talked much about his military experience and never expected anything from anyone. He flies a flag in his yard every day and is true American that deserves a little recognition.”

Army Sgt. Charles Dilts served 10 months in the 3rd Army under Patton’s Command – Company G, 2nd Infantry, 5th Division. He was honored with five battle starts and a Purple Heart. He took part in D-day, June 6, 1944, The Battle of the Bulge from Dec. 16, 1944 to Jan. 25, 1945 in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE