WWII German nuclear bunker found in Austria

German nuclear bunker

A bunker has recently been found in the Austrian town of St.Georgen an der Gusen which was used during the Second World War. This bunker belonged to the Nazi Germans from where they carried out their artillery researches on mass destruction.

People living in the town were under the threat of nuclear radiation. This was because radioactive elements were found in the underground bunker. This bunker is a 75 acre underground complex. In this bunker the Germans did research on nuclear power.

Andreas Sulzer, an Austrian film maker, is behind the whole idea of the discovery of this German nuclear bunker. According to him, the bunker was “likely the biggest secret weapons production facility of the Third Reich”.

This newly discovered bunker in Austria seems be linked to the adjacent B8 Bergkristall underground factory which invented the world’s first operational jet powered fighter, Messerschmitt Me 262.
This invention was probably facilitated by the forced laborer who were actually the inmates of the nearby Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp. The inmates that specialized in chemistry, physics or other sciences were selected to work for the nuclear research, the New York Post reports.

Andreas Sulzer said, “Up to 320,000 inmates died because of the brutal conditions in the subterranean labyrinth.”

Sulzer came to know about this bunker from the references made about the bunker in an Austrian psysicist’s diary. He and his excavation team took the initiative to dig up this land of high radiation. The remaining excavation has now stopped due to local officials requiring a permit. Sulzer, however, wants the excavation to resume next month. He says,”We owe it to the victims to finally open the site and reveal the truth.”

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE