WWII Dambusters memorabilia will be auctioned this month

During the Second World War the Allied power started their bombing mission against Germany and they targeted the dams of the Ruhr. For this mission an elite Lancaster bomber unit was brought into action. It’s targets were the German dams and therefore, from then it was known as the Dambusters. On 17th May 1943 there was a surprising British bombing attack on Mohne dam and for this successful attack Dambusters was used. This Dambusters was piloted by Flt Lt David Maltby.

Things because of which the Dambusters could play an immensely important role during the WWII will be placed in an auction this year. Bombsight of the Dambusters ‘Dann’ was named after its inventor Wing Cdr CL Dann. This ‘Dann’ is mahogany wooden bombsight which is placed in the auction with an estimated price of £20,000-£25,000. The bombsights were used in the WWII to set the bombs accurately for achieving the desired targets. And this bombsight thought to be the only remaining bombsight which was used in the WWII. After the war this was given to Ettrick, the father of David Maltby which was then kept in the museum of his own prep school Hydneye house, East Sussex. However, presently the school is under the possession of its new owner, the Northamptonshire Telegraph reports.

Together with the bombsight there will be other items of the Dambusters which will be also placed in the auction. This includes parallelogram and the map light operated by David Maltby’s navigator, Sgt Vivian Nicholson. Then there are four of the marbles which helped Sir Barnes Wallis in designing the ‘bouncing bomb’. And finally there is a leather collar box of the commanding officer for the operation, Wing Cdr Guy Gibson.

This auction will be held on Tuesday 20th January 2015 from 5pm onwards at J.P.Humbert Auctioneers Ltd Towcester, Northamptonshire. Here auctioneer Jonathan Humbert will conduct the auction.

Jonathan Humbert said: “Of all the exiting items that have come under my hammer over the years, these have to rank as some of the most spine-tingling and historical. An integral part of modern British history and synonymous with heroism of the highest order-we are very proud to offer these items for sale and, given their excellent provenance, we are hopeful for a great result.”

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE