WWII Artillery Shell found by Indian Farmer

British gunners cleaning Shells.
British gunners cleaning Shells.

Bombs from the Second World War continue to be unearthed in various places, the latest being in Puttur, India.

A young farmer, Kalyan Kumar, was surprised when he discovered a curious object on the ground while he was tilling his land.  Not long after, a large crowd gathered when word spread that a historic bomb had been found.

Concerned that it might explode, Kumar reburied the bomb and notified the Puttur police who rushed to the location with a bomb disposal squad in tow.  A close examination and some markings indicated it was a World War II artillery shell.

Past records of the police and other documentation revealed that an Army base camp had been there in the sector between Nagari and Puttur during the Second World War, The Hindu reported.

The Police said the fields were checked at the village, and the ground was excavated to find other possible explosives.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE