World War Two Battle of Saipan Re-enacted Seventy Years Later

Seventy years after the Battle of Saipan was fought as part of World War Two, it was re-enacted as part of this year’s celebration in South Jackson, West Tennessee. Scenes from the 1944 battle were demonstrated as the second marine re-enactors reconstruct the sights and sounds of the war for spectators to have a glimpse of how the battle was fought.

The Battle of Saipan was fought between America and the Japanese on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands. It started on the 15th of June 1944 and lasted until July 9th the same year. Involved in winning the battle against the Japanese were the US Second Marine Division, Fourth Marine Division, as well as the Twenty-seventh Infantry Division who were led by Lieutenant General Holland Smith. Saipan became a Mandate of Japan by the League of Nations after World War one. Before then, it was first under the Spanish territory and then the Germans who had it until the end of the Great War.

Excited about giving spectators a glimpse of what transpired between the Japanese and the Americans during this World War Two battle,First Sergeant George Jones said he was proud to be part of the event as it was a great tribute to a very dark time in the America history.

Speaking further about the battle, First Sergeant Jones said it played a very important role in the Second World War as it helped America’s B-29 bombers in finally hitting Japanese mainland.

Among the crowd of spectators was Marcus Foster, a veteran that fought in World War Two. He said he was happy he attended the event and that it brought back memories from his youth, as well as when he was in the marine. And then he talked about how they’d go out and run field problems.

Speaking about the equipment used for the recreation, Justin Jolly said they are authentic as most of them were the actual ones used during the Second World War.  According to him, all of the rifles that were used for the re-enactment are in fact Japanese rifles from World War Two. Justin has been re-enacting this war for about eight years now and thinks what the crowd likes the most about it is the rolling around of tanks, the explosions, as well as the gunfire.

Some of the men who helped in recreating the war are not locals. Some travelled all the way from Texas to participate. And according to them, it was to show their gratitude and appreciation to the brave American soldiers that fought the war, WBBJ News reports.

According to First Sergeant Jones, the next World War Two battle they’ll be recreating is the Pearl Harbor. He said it will be taking place at the USS Alabama as part of remembering the heroes that fought in the war.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE