War Memorial at Littlecote House Unveiled

Littlecote House Memorial

A memorial in the form of a plaque was unveiled recently in the grounds of the famous Littlecote House which is situated near Hungerford, by the River Kinnet.

The plaque is put up in honor of the British and US soldiers who were stationed at the Berkshire Elizabethan country house during the Second World War. The said house, which is now a hotel, had served as the base for US 101st Airborne Division servicemen known as The Band of Brothers. 48 South Midlands Division, which was a Territorial  Army unit in the British Expeditionary Force, was also one of the seven British units stationed in this particular house.

Before the Normandy (D-Day) invasion was carried out in June 1944, there was much military training done around the house’s nearby Ramsbury village.

The commemorative plaque sits atop a 6-foot high memorial stone placed on the house’s lawn. Royal British Legion members were able to raise 2,500 pounds for the making of the said monument.

-Article based from BBC News (UK)

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE