Veteran Conned Out of War Medals

A decorated veteran was conned out of his war medals recently. On all possible days for the theft to take place, the conman chose the seventieth anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, a day which was revered by most worldwide. The conman pretended to be working for the water board, a position he used to enter the veteran’s home and stole his hard-earned war medals out of his room.

The former grenadier who fell prey to the theft has chosen to remain anonymous, but the hunt is still on for the man who conned him out of his decorations. The man gained entry by claiming that the water pressure was in need of maintenance, and the war medals were taken at some point while he was within the premises. The victim was ninety-two years of age, and is not entirely certain when his bedroom was entered given that the conman had only asked to check the water in the kitchen area.

The thief was only left to his own devices for a short time. Given the brevity of the period he had in which to enter the bedrooms and commit the heinous theft of the WWII veteran’s precious and deserved war medals, it would appear plausible that he may have known precisely what he was looking for. This theory is given further weight by the fact that nothing else from the bedroom appears to have been stolen, The Telegraph reports.

The thief was of relatively average height, two inches under six feet, and was rather stout. Assuming he was not faking his speech patterns, he may have been of Irish descent. As of now, there appears to be little else to go on. The war medals were acquired during battle in North African and Italian territories, and their theft has left the former member of the Grenadier Guards somewhat shaken. He is at a loss as to why someone would choose to commit such a theft on the anniversary of an important date of WWII.

The theft of the war medals has many people on alert for suspicious activity in the area, especially people posing as officials under false pretenses. Those who are unable to defend themselves from such theft are especially being asked to maintain caution. While leads on the man who stole the war medals are sparse, there is some hopes that he might give himself away by trying to sell the stolen items. Unfortunately, this is not absolute.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE