German U-Boat Wreckage Discovered Off the Coast of Kent

The BBC reports that the wreckage of a German World War One U-Boat is left marooned in a remote area of the mudflats off of the coast of Kent. It has been there for nearly 100 years.

It was believed that the UB122. This U-Boat was one of more than 100 that was surrendered at the end of the war. The U-Boats were brought to the River Medway to be scrapped. Mark Dunkley, of the English Heritage, mentioned that it was believed that it was the only visible U-Boat wreckage in the UK. “Some were sent to join the French Navy and some had their engines removed to be re-used in cement works at Halstead in Kent before being scrapped.

“For some reason this U-boat was never fully scrapped and has remained in the River Medway since 1921. “People can go and see it there at low water, but be warned because the mud is very deep and very gloopy. I’ve got stuck before. “There are no plans to move it. It’s not under any threat. It will just stay exactly where it is. “It is the only complete U-boat that can be seen in British tidal waters, though there are many submerged off shore that were lost during the war.”

The submarine was thought to be a Type UB III submarine and it would have carried up to 10 torpedoes which were usually armed with a deck gun. These submarines carried a crew of 34 and the subs had a cruising range of 7,200 to 9,000 miles, Over the course of 2 years, 96 subs were built between 1916 and 1918.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE