Tragedy in Norfolk, UK, As Vintage WW2 Fighter Plane Crash Takes One Life And Injures Another

One man is deceased, and another remains in critical condition following the crash of vintage of a Second World War Mustang fighter plane.

The fatal accident was near Topcroft, near Bungay in early October.

Emergency responders were summoned to Denton Road at approximately 3.30 after receiving information that an aircraft had crashed during landing.

A Norfolk police spokesman said the passenger, who was in his 80s, was declared dead at the scene. The pilot was in critical condition.

Fire crews from Earlham, Long Stratton, Harleston, and the water transport from Hethersett were also called.

Resident, Charles Christian, who lives close to the airfield, was out for a stroll when he thought he saw the plane, which he believed was a vintage Mustang, appear to approach typically with the landing gear deployed, but then he heard a small bang following its disappearance behind some trees. He thought the noise was a minor engine malfunction, Eastern Daily Press reported.

Mr. Christian told the Press Association it flew over his head. It flew towards the runway, approximately a one-quarter mile away.

There wasn’t any sign of anything amiss, he said. There was no sign of anything happening.  There wasn’t a pillar of smoke or anything else.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE