“Hitler Feared Blades” and Other Strange Facts About the Famous Dicator

Undoubtedly the worst and most evil man in the history, Adolf Hitler made its name in the pages of history as a ruthless tyrant and genocidal maniac. Everyone knows something about Hitler, the term ‘Hitler’ is sometimes used as a symbol of self centered and passive aggressive personality. Following are some of the interesting facts about the ‘Fuhrer’ (he gave himself this title meaning father, father of German nation to be more precise), that very few people are aware of.

The Sweet Tyrant


Though Hitler’s bitter side is well known and is documented in great details, however, not many people know that Hitler was ‘hooked’ on sweets. His daily intake of sugar was unusually high, and reached the levels of addiction. Fuhrer’s tea contained 5 to 6 teaspoons of sugar, along with a daily dose of more then 2 pounds of chocolate cake. He would sometimes add a few spoons of sugar to his wine.

Fuhrer the ‘Failed Artist’


Hitler always wanted to become an artist since his early childhood. He got his first opportunity to step into the world of Art in 1907, when he applied to the prestigious ‘Academy of Fine Arts’ in Vienna. To young Adolf’s surprise he was rejected outright. He tried the following year but with no different outcome, he was told that he is just not fit for painting. Though heartbroken, Hitler decided to continue painting during his stay in Vienna. He sold his paintings to art dealers of Vienna, most of whom were Jewish.

Arrested for Treason

Defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial. From left to right: Pernet, Weber, Frick, Kiebel, Ludendorff, Hitler, Bruckner, Röhm, and Wagner. [Via]

Hitler was sent to jail after being found guilty of treason; he was sentenced to five years at Landsberg Prison. His arrest took place on November 11, 1923 following some incidents at the Beer Hall Putsch. Due to his influence, Hitler received special treatment in the prison. He was allowed to conduct party meetings, and met his friends and allies. The Bavarian Supreme court granted him a pardon and released him on December 20, 1924.



Hitler was suffering from a crippling Insomnia from a very young age. This condition did not come in the way of his evil ambitions; he would stay awake all night and would only go bad after the sunrise. His associates, and those working closely to the ‘Fuhrer’ had to stay up all night and work with him. Some of those Hitler kept for his ‘night time’ company played music for the Fuhrer, and watched movies with him.

Afraid of Blades


Adolf Hitler was absolutely afraid of the blades in the hands of others. Being the Fuhrer he never allowed any barber to come near him; he always shaved himself. There are several reports suggesting that Hitler would sometime scream while having a hair cut, due to his phobia. (India Today)

Brain behind ‘blow-up doll’


Adolf Hitler reportedly conceived the idea of blow-up dolls for his soldiers, as he was gravely concerned about the possibility of a syphilis spread in his soldiers from their encounters with prostitutes. Soldiers were provided with very ‘portable’ dolls to carry with them for their personal entertainment during their long tours.

‘Screamer Fuhrer’


A German Army medic had reported that he saved Hitler’s life during the battle of Somme in the First World War. He said that in 1916, Hitler went under the knife, and during the surgery lost a testicle. Throughout the Second World War British soldiers would sing funny songs about the missing testicle of the Fuhrer. Hitler gained a reputation of a ‘screamer’ after he reportedly cried like a child during his surgery at the battle of Somme.

‘No meat for the Butcher’


Adolf Hitler famously had an aversion to meat, and lived his life on vegetables and vegetarian foods cooked by specialist cooks. Historians suggest that Hitler developed this ‘disgust’ for meat after he had witnessed an autopsy. While Hitler’s infamous ‘SS’ was butchering millions of Jews in Europe on his orders, Fuhrer was enjoying a nice vegetarian meal with his ‘too sweet’ wine.

Hitler hated Smoking


Although the list of the things Hitler hated is a rather long one, however among the most famous ones is his disgust towards smoking stench. He would make sure that everyone who came to meet him are aware of his hatred towards the smoking. He smoked for twenty years, but after he realized that it is unhealthy he started hating it and tried to impose a ban on smoking.

VolksWagen and Hitler


Hitler started a project during his prime time, and conceived the idea of a car for the common people; he called it ‘VolksWagen’. Although Hitler was behind the idea, a Jewish Engineer, Josef Ganz, created the actual framework and design.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE