Swastika: Sign of Peace or Hatred?


In May of 2012 a mysterious swastika appeared in a field in Ontario.

Google Maps captured the symbol at the location of 1600 Gainsborough Rd, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. It is obvious that the shape was deliberately mowed into the grass that surrounded a rural community.

The meaning of the symbol of whoever put it there was unclear, the Daily Mail reports.

A right-facing swastika is synonymous with the Nazi regime of WWII, a left pointing swastika (as pictured) is related to a Buddhist good luck message.

The swastika could be either a peace symbol or one of hatred, depending on which way it is facing.

The appearance of the swastika in 2012 was not the first time it appeared in the area. Martin Weiche had one on his property which was about 3 kilometers from the current sighting of the swastika at 1600 Gainsborough Road.

The symbol that was on Weiche’s property was facing left, and although Weiche was a self-proclaimed racist and former leader of the Canadian Nationalist Socialist party before he died in September 2011.

There was no evidence that was uncovered that suggest that the two sightings were linked.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE