Surprising Find in Lake Huron: Gold-Carrying Civil War-Era Streamer

Projected Image of the Civil War Streamer Keystone State
Projected Image of the Civil War Streamer Keystone State

December 9 brought about the announcement that the search for a Civil War-era streamer said to be shipwrecked in Lake Huron November 9, 1861 is already in motion.

The Keystone State sunk in the lake’s waters over 150 years ago bringing with it the lives of its 33 crews. David Trotter, renowned shipwreck hunter, has great hopes that the sunken Civil War-era streamer brought more than the iron farm equipment it was purportedly carrying.

“The most exciting shipwreck I’ve ever found is the next one. There’s an exciting sense of discovery about being able to touch historical events that fascinates all of us,” he declared.

In his whole shipwreck hunting career, Trotter already has over 100 shipwrecks in his sleeves.

“She wasn’t where she was supposed to be. I probably thought I’d never find her,” he added regarding this Lake Huron search.

He even is suspicious of the “iron implements” listed on the cargo manifest of the said ship.

The Keystone State was heading for Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Detroit when the tragedy happened – the route an oddity since its usual travel itinerary was to Buffalo, New York. The change in route of the Civil War streamer and its cargo do not sum up to Trotter.

“Farm implements are seldom used in winter,” he said.

He feels that the Civil War ship was carrying gold among its cargoes and he is very optimistic that he will find these among its sizable debris field.

– UPI reports

Heziel Pitogo

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