Story of Alan Carberry – Enthusiasm for WWII C-47 Dakota’s

Alan Carberry of Centerville, Indiana has great love and respect for a WWII plane knows as DC-3. He sees beauty and treasure of history pouring down from its surface.

Recently a tragedy struck him when someone broke into a factory where he kept his beloved DC-3, and stole some of its parts. It’s particularly sad for Carberry because he loved the plane and because he had bought this particular plane to save it from ending up in a scrapyard. Carberry said he struggled to understand how someone could do this to his plane. Carberry bought the plane to fulfill a dream he had for a long time.

Carberry had the love and passion for the planes since his early childhood. He said he loved watching planes landing and taking off from his local airport that was not very far from where he lived. He even had a collection of aviation magazines that his father bought for him.

The story of him buying this particular DC-3 starts when he heard about Art Lacey. Lacey lived in Oregon, and  bought a B-17 Flying Fortress and put it above his gas station in 1947.

Carberry always wanted to do the same thing. Five years ago, he had a chance to fulfill his dream when he saw a DC-13 on e-Bay for $15000. Even though it was not a B-17 Flying Fortress, it was still a fighter from WWII.

The DC-3 was built by Douglas Air Company from (1935-1942). These planes revolutionized aviation as their range and size made it possible to transport passengers. DC-3 planes took part in WWII and after the war ended, they were used for transporting people and cargo.

The DC-3 Carberry found on eBay was in Allentown, Pa. Carberry drove there and absolutely loved the plane. The sellers were going to scrap it if they had not found a buyer. Carberry paid the price and decided to transport it to his hometown. He was told that he only had a limited time to make it happen. With great difficulty he managed to transport the ‘rescued’ plane to his place, the Pal-Item reports.

Carberry and his family are very determined to realize Carberry’s dream. They have prepared an elaborate plan to build a DC-3 theme gas station. However, they lack adequate funding for their ambitious project. Another major hurdle they are facing is the fact that there are other gas stations being built in their local area, so the competition will be fierce.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE