Shaftesbury: New War Memorial to be Removed

Shaftesbury War Memorial

The new war memorial in Shaftesbury Abbey erected just a few feet away from an older war monument will most likely be removed and kept in storage until city council finds a new site for it.

The Verdict

It had been reported earlier this month that the 6-foot Portland Stone monument was ‘unlawfully erected’ in the area of a listed historical site, that is the Shaftesbury Abbey, and city officials had built it without seeking permission from the secretary of state. The English Heritage had asked Shaftesbury City Council for the removal of the unauthorized monument.

It seemed English Heritage’s petition for the removal of the stone memorial, which features cap badges of regiments including the Devonshire and Dorset later to emerge as The Rifles and is dedicated to the local men and women who served and died in WWII, was upheld.

The Search

On the other hand, local authorities are now being more careful in choosing the next location for the said WWII monument.

They have planned to do public consultations for the next location so as to avoid problems like the one they have encountered. They also said they will be exploring every “considerable complexity” involved in the identification for the monument’s new spot  and that now, they are going to explore every option before deciding on a place.

It can be remembered that some of the town’s locals have also aired criticisms and complaints about the said monument and the city council want to address that, too, this time.

-Article based on BBC (UK) News

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE