Secret Nazi files reveal V-2 rocket tests on German people

Secret Nazi records reveal how Hitler tested the V-2 rocket on his own German people.

The secret records were filed as highly classified SS documents and only certain levels of the Nazi regime had access to them.

The documents suggest that Hitler tested the V-2 rockets on his own people and blamed the bombings on the Allies, so that he could trial the rockets before he planned to use them on Britain and other areas of Europe.

The records have been kept by a German collector of military memorabilia and are now to be put up for auction and sold in London.

Much of the documents are written in code and in German, so are difficult to decipher. However they are believed to show that the V-2 ballistic missiles were tested on several towns and cities in Pomerania in the far north of Germany.

It was a secret unit called the Kommandostelle S, which documented the tests and they were required to monitor and report back on the consequences of the bombings.

Most Nazi documentation was destroyed at the end of the war as the regime attempted to burn as much of their plans and evidence as possible. But these particular set of papers were rescue and kept by the German collector until now. They are expected to fetch around £2,500 in the auction.

Nazi military technology advanced at a rapid pace during World War Two and the V-2 was the first ballistic missile in the world and could have gone on to be developed into an atomic bomb.

The reports documented the final firing test results and were only produced in small numbers of around 10 copies to minimise the chance of them being shared or leaked into Allied hands, the RT News reports.

Researchers are excited by the find since the reports could provide new information about one of the most advanced technologies to come out of World War Two.

The reports also show that the tests were conducted after D-Day in the final months of the war, when the Nazis were desperately trying to find ways to fight back against the Allies and Soviet Union.

The V-2 rocket was the world’s first ballistic missile and was created by Wernher von Braun a German aerospace engineer. After the war Wernher even went on to work for NASA in the US. The V-2 had 14 metre rockets and if they had been allowed to be fully developed and manufactured, could have turned the war back in the Nazi’s favour.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE