Residents Evacuated After WWII Bomb Found in Construction Site

The London Blitz,1945.
The London Blitz,1945.

An unexploded bomb from World War II was discovered at a building site in England. At 11:30 am, emergency workers arrived on the scene and began evacuating residents.

Two schools, Marylebone Boys’ School and Malorees junior and infants schools were closed and hundreds of students sent home.

Police cordoned off the scene while army experts evaluated their options. The police stated that they expected the work to last through the night keeping residents from returning home until the next day.

Councillor Carol Shaw of Brondesbury Park ward had been told that it could actually take up to three days for the bomb to be removed.

The police said that they might need a particular part from Gloucestershire in order to detonate the bomb safely.

Two fire engines and fourteen firefighters were on hand at the site which is near Brondesbury Park station.

The property is being developed by Regal Homes. They are building 74 apartments on the site. Work began last year.

In a statement, Regal Homes said that the health and the safety of their employees and the neighbors of their site was their priority. They stated that they are fully cooperating with the authorities.

Roxanne Landripet lives across the street from the site. She is worried that the area might stay roped off for another two days. She described the evacuation scene as “panicky.”

Superintendent Nigel Quantrell of Brent Borough thanked residents for their support and assured the community that they were working hard to resolve the issue.

The borough of Brent opened a reception area in Mortimer Road for affected residents, London Evening Standard reported.

Over 50 evacuees were at the center. Several volunteers from the British Red Cross were on hand to assist.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE