Remembering Sir John Gorman

Former winner of the British Military Cross, Sir John Gorman, passed away at the age of 91 after leading a long life of public service both in politics and in the military. He is set to be remembered as a man who gave his life in service to others as he led both the Irish Guards and the Catholic Unionists. Sir John Gorman led a full life, worthy of tribute.

He won several awards during his military service. Aside from the Military Cross he received from Britain, he was decorated abroad as well. He was with a brigade of Irish Guards in France during WWII when their tank was met by assault. The heroic actions of Sir John Gorman ensured the survival of the troops, and he became the recipient of the Croix de Guerre. Some of his greater actions in life, however, had nothing to do with battle and did not win him any medals.

For instance, there was his work with the Northern Ireland Assembly. This came toward the end of a long life of fluctuating lines of work, and he eventually became the Deputy Speaker. Sir John Gorman became a knight the same day that he joined the Assembly, and he was eventually considered to be one of the top Catholic Unionists in his nation. Even in his older age, when he began to become infirm, he appeared at events to support his fellows in their positions.

Despite his achievements, he is best remembered as a man. He has been referred to as a man of dignity and integrity, who put others before himself and always remembered what was important in his dealings with other people. Most of the people who came into contact with Sir John Gorman recall his grace and charming demeanor, which was aided by his wisdom and overall competence. He was seen as a man who was incredibly dedicated to his fellow man, taking any provided opportunity to serve, the Belfast reports.

Sir John Gorman will be missed by those who knew him, and many who did not, as he is seen as having benefitted the commercial and political worlds with every chance he had. He was a distinguished man who influenced many lives, and saved a good number as well. Though his body has passed away, Sir John Gorman has hardly passed out of the public memory and will likely not do so for some time to come.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE