Battlefield 1 Trailer Recut with REAL WWI Footage (WATCH)

The gaming industry has become well known for in-depth war games, but World War One has mostly remained untouched when it comes to exploring this genre. Basing a game on such a tragic period of history presents a range of challenges, and until now many developers have avoided tackling such a delicate task.

Despite the these challenges, however, DICE has announced that it will take on World War One for its next installment of the Battlefield series. The first trailer has been released, and it provides a glimpse into a variety of dramatic scenes, including violent pushes through the deserts of North Africa and the field of Flanders. Though the trailer attempts to capture the grim realities of war, there are still some who are concerned about the subject matter being used for entertainment purposes.

As a result, a Youtuber known as “Alon ‘DancingEngie’ Karmi” has recut the entire trailer with real footage from World War One. This provides a much grimmer and more poignant vision than the original video game version.

Battlefield 1 is undoubtedly an intriguing property as it is one of the first major AAA titles opting to utilize World War One for its historical setting. This real footage recut does, however, remind us of the terrible nature of the game’s subject matter.

Real Footage Trailer

Original Trailer

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE