Re-enactors Depict World War II, Ammo Demo in DeRidder


Wings and Wheels Fly-In/Cruise-In visitors will be treated to a ‘time travel’ exactly in the middle of World War II!

A number of groups from the Southern WWII Re-enactors Association are going to camp on the Beauregard Regional Airport grounds a la Second World War style on October 5, do battle reenactments and ammunition demonstrations at 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM giving guests ideas of how it was like to be in battle during the 1940s.

Groups doing the reenactments are going to come from various states with each bringing in their own specialty to make the WWII depictions more reality-like.

“Each of the re-enactment groups have their unique unit or era they do,” Manges said. “We do the 101st Airborne and 13th field medical hospital, and the ‘Germans’ out of Mississippi for instance are a German paratrooper unit. Just like the real combat in World War II, the units all come together with objectives they have to do and become combat commands.”

Aside from battle portrayals, the actors will also stage an USO how on October 4 reminiscent of how things were done in the early 1940s. The said show will be held in the War Memorial Civic Center.

“There will be the dance opportunity afterwards, I’m sure there will be a lot of groups mingling in the parking lot. They will all be in World War II dress uniforms – you’ll see guys in World War II sailor uniforms and Army uniforms,” Manges added.

The said WWII re-enactments are just one of the highlights the 7th annual Wings and Wheels Fly-In/Cruise-In has to offer. The event will begin 9 AM in October 5, Saturday, at Beauregard Regional Airport.

– Article based from Beauregard Daily News

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Heziel Pitogo

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