President Putin equates rewriting WWII history with hiding Nazi crimes

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has said that recent attempts by some people at rewriting the history of World War II is no more than a cowardly act intended to divide nations and people. He said that rewriting WWII history has an underlying theme, which is to achieve certain malicious geopolitical targets.

He stressed that certain elements are trying to corrupt the history with their lies and distortions of known facts. President Putin made these comments at a session of the committee preparing the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s defeat at the hands of the Soviet Union’s Red Army. The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), as it is famously known in Russia, is seen as a just war against a ruthless ideology. President Putin expressed his concerns over cynical lies being used by some authors from Ukraine and Poland to damage the reputation of Russia and its proud people.

He said that the conclusions and observations made by such people must never be trusted. They have a clear agenda – they want Russia to lose its respect amongst the nations of the world, and to portray the Russian people as a historically cruel and hateful community.

Addressing the committee members, Mr Putin insisted that every respected nation in the world has the responsibility to make sure these people do not succeed in their ill motives. All they want is to further divide people and create rifts amongst nations. He urged the members of the committee and the people of Russia to make sure they try their best to uphold the truth about the war and the role of the Soviet Union in defeating the Nazi ideology.

President Putin said that these people have to be reminded that the maturity of Russian society and the unity between its people can never be damaged. He urged the committee to tackle these issues peacefully with the help of people’s support and their active involvement. He assured his people that Russia will never leave its 2.5 million WWII veterans alone, and that the support and care provided to such brave individuals will never be compromised under any conditions, the RT Russian Politics reports.

In February 2015, while speaking at an event dedicated to the ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’ holiday, Mr Putin said that Russia is proud of its culture and history, and will defend it rigorously against any cowardly attempts to distort the truth. He insisted that any endeavour to undermine the role of the Soviet Union and its allies against Nazi Germany, is a weak attempt to hide the crimes of Nazism, which is immoral and inadmissible. He said that the countries involved in this rewriting of history are actually trying to hide their collaboration with Nazi Germany during World War II, and that they are no doubt acting out of disgrace and shame.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE