Most Of The People In Britain Don’t Know That WWI Was Fought Beyond The Western Front

The new statistics show that not even half of the British people know that America was also part of the First World War and less than a third of these people were able to link the First World War to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. 11% of the British people were able to link World War One to the conflict in the Palestine.

This should be a clear sign for the organizers of the centenary, who should find a way to get people to better understand what happened during the First World War, since less than half of the population in Britain realize that the First World War wasn’t fought only in Europe, but beyond. The new research has revealed that most people only know things about the trenches and that the war was carried on the Western Front.

The new study is called “Remember The World As Well As The War” and it underlines the fact that there is a huge lack of understanding of the huge impact the war had on the world and history of the world, and its purpose is to make people in the UK aware of these facts and calls on Britain and the rest of the nations in the world, to use the centenary events to better understand the First World War.

To be able to complete the new study, YouGov surveyed between 1,000 and 1,200 people in the United Kingdom, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Russia and Turkey. In Britain, less that half of the 1,081 people interviewed knew that North America and the Middle East fought in World War one, with about 38% north Americans and 34% Middle Eastern servicemen. Not even a quarter of those questions knew that Africa and Asia fought in the First World War, with 21% Africans and 22% Asian servicemen, the Mail Online reports.

The same research revealed that there is a massive lack of understanding about the impact the First World War had on the world, with 62% of the British people who were able to make a connection between the start of the war and the rise of the Nazi Germany, while only 37% of them were able to link the conflict with the rise of Communism in Russia.

However, what is more interesting is the fact that 72% of the people questioned about the war, from across all the seven countries that took part in the survey said that they believe their country is still affected by the impact of the war 100 years ago.


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE