New Animated Film Deals With The Battle Of Gallipoli – But Not All Reviewers Are Impressed

Some critical reviews of the documentary 25 April, a docu-drama examining the Gallipoli Campaign of 1915 have emerged. Gallipoli was a disaster for the Australian and New Zealand regiments who suffered great loss during the infamous battle.

The Los Angeles Time criticizes the film for failing to fashion true to life characters that can capture an audience’s attention. Thousands of men and women died needlessly on the peninsula in what is now Turkey, with the Australian and New Zealand regiments bearing most of the massacre.

Using letters, diaries, memoirs, motion-capture animation and still drawings, writer-director Leanne Pooley tries to create a documentary of what a near half-dozen New Zealand soldiers and a nurse had to tolerate on 25 April. The title refers to the date the eight-month battle began, LA Times reported.

Although the film producers use the actual words of soldiers, they are accused of failing to create believable characters who can engage the audience. As a result, many of the marches and battles and meetings aboard a hospital ship were accused of lacking immediateness.

In the film, some reviewers have found the animation too restricted for close-up views to be effectual. Instead, some say that basic figures and lurid red blood make 25 April look like a ghastly computer game.

Whatever the reviewers may say, it’s surely valuable to have a new modern interpretation of this important historical event. Have a look at the trailer, and see what YOU think.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE