North Korea Honors Korean War Anniversary

This past month, North Korea celebrated the sixty-first anniversary of the final days of the Korean War. They honored the conflict as a success of their nation, though not all would necessarily agree with this sentiment. Even so, numerous people showed their faces at cultural celebrations and other tribute ceremonies, during which they propounded the belief that the separation of North and South Korea at the end of the Korean War was ultimately a positive outcome.

The separation of North and South Korea was most certainly the largest measurable outcome of the ceasefire agreements at war’s end. North Korea was basically given free reign over their people when the conflict ended in 1953. As such, they have made every anniversary into a national event. The end of the Korean War is celebrated in much the same fashion as most other historical anniversaries of its scope, with parades and other commemoration ceremonies in honor of those who fought in the conflict. While there was no actual parade this year, there were still a host of activities for people to attend in its place.

While many may disagree with North Korea and its policies, the veterans who attended the recent commemorations were no different than those attending ceremonies honoring other wars in other nations. Veterans of the Korean War showed up in full decorations, and many were moved to tears as they remembered the conflict fought over six decades ago. While some of these tears were brought from joy at the perceived victory, others were no doubt shed in remembrance of those who died during the conflict, the Mail Online reports.

Not all of the events on the eve of the anniversary were performed in celebration. It has come to light that while many were gearing up to celebrate the former conflict, Kim Jong-un may have been planning another one. The day before the Korean War was celebrated, the despot was hard at work, testing new weapons which are purportedly planned for use against American military bases. It would appear that he is looking toward the future rather than the past, as he did not even show his face on the day of the commemorations themselves.

The Korean War is an often forgotten conflict in many nations, but North Korea still holds the fighting and its eventual outcome in high regard. Whether or not the alleged plans of Kim Jong-un to strike against the United States will come to fruition remains uncertain, though many find the timing of his recent weapons tests to be particularly foreboding. If he does indeed plan to strike against American military outposts, it may be possible that the position of the intended targets in South Korea has the potential to spark yet another Korean War.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE