Help Needed for Proper Burial of a WWII Vet


Jack Poly had showed his patriotic spirit when he served the country as a soldier during the Second World War.

His good spirit had not stopped after the war. He continued to do kind things for people that are not even family.

“Jack was just a very honest, open minded person. Say anything, get straight to the punch whether you liked it or not,” Angela revealed. She and her mom had moved in with Jack and his sick wife, Grace, twelve years ago to take care of the couple.

Jack’s family stated the WWII vet is pretty much well known in Charlotte mostly because of the special roles he took on every holidays.

He liked to take on the Santa character every Christmas and hand out presents to kids in the neighborhood. He also took on being Easter Bunny during Easters and was active in the Lions Club and the American legion.

Angela revealed he literally belonged to the community.

Sadly, Jack had passed away the past weekend after years of enduring grueling battles with his health.

Like every WWII veteran in the area, he will be buried at White Haven Memorial Park. However, the family has one problem – they do not have sufficient financial funds to make sure he gets a proper burial.

“It’s honestly important, extremely. He’s done so much for others, it would just be right for others to do good for him,” Angela said rather tearfully.

Donations can be directly addressed to Thomas Funeral Home.

“He’s done so much for the community. I’m hoping someone can help out a little bit,” his family pleaded.

-Article based from YNN Rochester

For donations, visit Thomas Funeral Home  link

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE