Nazi Fanatic Kicked out of Asda Grocery Store And Claims HE Is Being Discriminated!

Paul Dutton
Paul Dutton

48 year old Paul Dutton, was kicked out of a Asda store with his daughter, Amy-Rose and her son.

Paul and his family were shopping in the grocery store due to complaints from other customers.

Why were they complaining? Dutton was dressed in a full Nazi uniform.

Upon being kicked out of the grocery store, Dutton felt that he was the one being discriminated against.


One shopper, Rosina Rusin’s family had died in the Holocaust. She witnessed him strolling down the isles of the store. She told the Mirror: “People’s mouths were falling open. I wanted to make sure he was evicted.

“My grandmother’s family were annihilated in the gas chambers.

“One lady was very upset. Apparently he said ‘I do not see why I have offended anyone’.”

The obsession with Adolf Hitler came son after an operation that left him to suffer bouts of insomnia.

The Hitler fan has 26 Nazi-inspired tattoos , a shrine to Hitler, swastika pillows on his bed, and also Nazi dedications on his Facebook page.


Dutton claims he’s shopped at the store at least twice a week for the past three years, each time wearing a swastika arm band. Never had he been asked to leave before.

This particular time, he went into the store wearing a Germany army greatcoat.

Paul defends himself and adds: “I was disgusted by the reaction, I have been a loyal Asda customer since the store opened. But the manager didn’t want to hear my point of view.

“I was really upset. I have been discriminated against. They call me racist but they are being racist towards me. I respect everyone else’s beliefs and I don’t hate Jews. I understand why people are upset but I won’t change.”

Dutton claims that due to a vasectomy in 2006 left him with mental health issues and the inability to sleep. He claims that his family support him, but do not share his enthusiasm for the Nazi leader.

Paul said: “My family love me and give me a lot of support. Some people turn to God in their hour of need, I turned to Adolf Hitler.”

A spokesperson from Asda said that there were a number of complaints so they had to ask Dutton to vacate the premises.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE