MUST SEE! 20 Amazing pictures of V2 Rockets at Peenemunde

A look at the German Rocket base at Peenemunde. It is here that the Germans tested their V2 Rockets, the first inter ballistic missile in history.

In these 20 amazing pictures we take a look at the launch preparations, launches and support facilities.

All pictures are from Wikipedia / Bundesarchiv

V2 Rocket seconds after it took off from test-site VII – Summer of 1943

V2 Rocket (Aggregat 4) Ready to be launched – March 1942


Preparing a V2 for launch from a railway carriage. Note the supercooled fuel, all the pipes are covered in frost – March 1942

A V2 Rocket on the launch pad ready to go, note the movable support tower on the left – 1943

An overview of the launch site with a V2 that has just left the ground. Note the support structure on the left – March 1942

V2 being put in the upright position in preparation for launch – 1942

Launch preparations of a type A-4 rocket on test site VIII – March 1942

Ready for launch from a railroad carriage – 1942

Ready for launch from a railroad carriage – 1942

Ready for launch from a railroad carriage – 1942

Lower part of a V2 on a specially modified railroad carriage – March 1942

Another look at a modified railway wagon.

V2 Rocket after launch – March 1942


Not all launches were successful, this one crashed shortly after takeoff – 1942


A V2 Type A4 rocket on it’s transport carriage – 1942

V2 Rocket transport carriage – March 1942

Nose section of the V2 in a workshop – 1942

A look inside the control module of the V2 Rocket – 1942



Joris Nieuwint

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