Nazi’s Planned to Use Mosquitoes Carrying Malaria as Weapons

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There has been new research that would suggest that Nazi scientists wanted to use mosquitoes that carried malaria as weapons during the Second World War, News Track India reports.

Researchers stated that Nazi scientists wanted to release the insects over enemy forces by airplane. The plan was uncovered by biologist, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt from the University of Tubingen. The plans date back to January of 1942. Luckily, the plan was never carried out.

The use of chemical and biological weapons was banned due to the Geneva protocol that was set in 1925, it is uncertain whether or not Hitler abided by the law.

Reinhardt has acknowledged that there was evidence for using mosquitoes for biological warfare, but it is not entirely conclusive.

When speaking to the National Geographic, Reinhardt told the magazine that the idea of cultivating malaria-infected mosquitoes and dropping them on people isn’t well documented. The only words used in description of this idea were “growing station” and “airdropping site”.

The information Reinhardt found are published in the magazine, Endeavour.

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Evette Champion

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