Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis Take Part in Chinese WWII Film

Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis take part in the upcoming Chinese WWII film The Bombing as creative consultant and one of the lead characters respectively.

The Bombing centers on the plight of the people of Chongqing as they were bombed by the Japanese forces during the Second World War. Die Hard actor Bruce Willis is set to play the role of a US fighter pilot who lends a helping hand by teaching locals how to fly so that they may be able to defend themselves against the enemy’s bombing raids.

Accordingly, the upcoming Chinese WWII epic has a budget of $90 million making it the most expensive productions of the Chinese film industry to date. Reports say that Willis will shoot eight days for the project.

Hollywood actor and director Mel Gibson, on the other hand, was hired as a creative consultant – adviser and art director – for the Chinese war film.

As what Shi Jianxiang, the CEO and founder of the company funding the project, Gibson’s interest about the WWII era has helped him make relevant suggestions for the upcoming Chinese war epic and has even pointed out that the actor, who has Braveheart, The Passion of Christ and Apocalypto under his directorial sleeve, has been full of insights helpful for the movie.

Not a First

Willis and Gibson’s involvement in the Chinese movie industry is not a first. In fact, Willis is just following in the footsteps of Hollywood actors like John Cusack and Christian Bale, the latter starring in The Flowers of War, a movie tackling the Nanking Massacre.

In Memory Of

As what The Bombing’s executive producer Yang Buting says about this American-Chinese fusion, China has a long history [even longer than America, he points out] with many stories and they are trying to make those accounts alive into state-of-the-art high-quality movies with the use of modern American filming technology.

The Bombing – directed by Xiao Feng – is brought to the big screen to commemorate the 70th year anniversary of the Allied Forces victory in World War Two.

Jianxiang says that China needs movies filled with hope and spirit such as this. “I hope audiences around the world can appreciate the cruelty of war and our courage, determination and capability to fight against it,” he adds.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE